Watching the government rather than American Idol

As the "debate" continues on who should win American Idol, our Congress (who is supposed to represent us) puts bills on the table that continue to attack at our civil liberties as American citizens.  One of the news stories I heard on our local station dealt with S. 3039 which has this hidden gem included:


The Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shall carry out a collaborative research effort under section 301 of title 49, United States Code, to continue to explore the feasibility and the potential benefits of, and the public policy challenges associated with, more widespread deployment of in-vehicle technology to prevent alcohol-impaired driving.


From what I understand, this is looking to develop technology to be installed in ALL cars, to determine the BAC of the driver (not from a breathalyzer), with the research costs of $12M/year for the next 5 fiscal years.    Why should I (as a non-drinker) have this expense be included in a new car purchase if I have no propensity to have consumed alcohol?  Whatever happened to personal responsibility and the freedom associated with it.

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