Former US Senator from Florida a spammer?

Former US Senator George LeMieux in Florida (or at least his campaign) has really begun to irritate me with his political emails. How can a former Senate critter get on my nerves? Let me see:

1. Send political campaigning email to my mailboxes.
2. Use the email addresses that I had given his Senate office when he was supposed to represent the State of Florida. This occurred when contacting the office on either privacy or credit union related topics.
3. Ignore the multiple unsubscribe requests from said link on email.

That is probably not the way to ingratiate yourself to a potential voter in 2012, especially when I am not a registered to either "major" political party. This is what I would consider "douchebag" behavior and not worthy of a potential US Senator. Clean up your own house before trying to manage (meddle) in people's affairs in the Senate.