Political Insanity Project

Either I am clinically insane or am a glutton for punishment, but I am working on a thought project where I have registered an email address with each of the "major" party remaining campaigns as a supporter.  Now I am ready for the messages from Hillary, Bernie, Jeb!, the Donald, Marco, and the host of other characters that will be thanking me for my support and how I can help each of their campaigns achieve their goal of being leader of your "Fine Federal Government"....or at least until I am fed up with the whole project and delete the bs mailbox.  :)

I also am hoping to track how the various campaigns sell "my" information throughout the campaign and what other political ads I receive.  I fully expect by the end, the box will be inundated with Republican and Democratic propaganda on why I should support the ultimate candidate.

Political thought of the day

You know, Bernie Sanders supporters in the Democrat Party and the Donald Trump supporters in the Republican Party, it is very cute that you get excited about their rise in the polls.  There is almost zero chance that either one of them will be the nominee in their respective parties. The powers at be in both  of the parties will see that the establishment candidates of Clinton and likely Bush will be the candidates.  The Donald may run as an independent candidate a la Ross Perot in 92, but the oligarchy of having a Bush or Clinton in the senior levels of government since 1980 with the exception of the last 2+ years will probably lend to another Bush-Clinton election cycle. 

Just sit back and grab the popcorn and see how much laying to waste the darlings will do before the party leaders will step in and tell them where they stand.  

Random thoughts for a Friday night?

Some random thoughts that have come up while hanging around the house one Friday night:
  • With Justice Souter retiring, we get all sorts of names as possible replacements.  One name that I heard on TV tonight was former President Bill Clinton.  Wouldn't that be the judicial equivalent of putting John Dillinger in charge of the FDIC?
  • Though I doubt this will happen, will President Obama nominate someone who will interpret the Constitution primarily, and not try to be a legislator from the bench.
  • The White House has its own Twitter account @whitehouse.  Does this mean we can tweet the President with ideas to improve the country?  Or will it be spin doctoring in 140 characters or less?
  • Why does it feel we are not getting a full story with regards to the swine...(errrr, I mean the A/H1N1) flu?  We have the WHO saying that there are only about 330 confirmed cases, but they have raised the pandemic level to 5 (out of 6), and the attributed death toll by the WHO is low.  Something just does not seem to add up.
  • Which virus will end up getting more hype - Swine Flu or Conficker?
  • Why is Ashton Kutcher the top person followed on Twitter?  I thought he was just Demi Moore's boy toy husband.
  • Looking forward to seeing the new Star Trek movie.  Hope it turns out at good as the previews and hype seem to portray it.
  • Favorite conspiracy theory podcast - No Agenda.  Adam Curry is just full of them, with John C. Dvorak trying to rein him in.
  • Interesting new video podcast - Fox's Freedom Watch.  Online program with Judge Andrew Napolitano as the host.  Chock full of Libertarian-mined individuals, and free market economists.  The show brings up some scary instances of attacks on people's liberty in the name on security.
  • I love this time of year in Florida.  Not too hot, cool evenings, and lots of sun.  Perfect golfing weather.
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