Dissent in the new era

It is very interesting on how different partisans view dissent as the rulers changed in Washington DC.  As the party not in power, those against the war in Iraq said that dissent was the highest form of patriotism.  Now that the Democrats are in power, I guess that dissent no longer is patriotic.  There have been many stories out there where various public officials do not want and fear protests on the health care "reform" that is working through the House of Representatives.  People like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, and others have called the protestors Swastika Carrying, Brown Shirt Wearing, and otherwise scolded for protesting. Where is the freedom that was given to the anti-war protestors.  Former President Bush had Cindy Sheehan protesting outside his personal property for 2 years.  But if an individual protests the growth of spending in the Federal government (see TARP and Stimulus programs) and especially the Health Care reform bill, they are corporate organized, racists, Nazis, among other things.   Even if you find a site that might disagree with the health care reform, our executive branch wants you to report them to flag@whitehouse.gov.  That tactic should be controversial, since there is a freedom of speech in this country, at least according to the First Amendment.  How a lawyer that was elected to the White House doesn't think about it being a borderline issue is beyond me. They must be so afraid of public dissent.  That explains why they try to rush and pass bills without allowing the public to read (against Obama's campaign promise). What is in the health care bill do they need to rush through?  Analysis here, and bill here.
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