Political thought of the day

You know, Bernie Sanders supporters in the Democrat Party and the Donald Trump supporters in the Republican Party, it is very cute that you get excited about their rise in the polls.  There is almost zero chance that either one of them will be the nominee in their respective parties. The powers at be in both  of the parties will see that the establishment candidates of Clinton and likely Bush will be the candidates.  The Donald may run as an independent candidate a la Ross Perot in 92, but the oligarchy of having a Bush or Clinton in the senior levels of government since 1980 with the exception of the last 2+ years will probably lend to another Bush-Clinton election cycle. 

Just sit back and grab the popcorn and see how much laying to waste the darlings will do before the party leaders will step in and tell them where they stand.  

Your government at work...

An article in our local newspaper, the Gainesville Sun, announced that a local medical firm will be receiving money from the National Institute of Health to develop an inhaled vaccine for smallpox.  Smallpox has all but been eradicated in nature since 1977, with the WHO declaring it eradicated in December 1979.  So, why are we working on an aerosol vaccine for something eradicated nearly 30 years ago?  Are there any biological terror threats we need to be aware of?? The White House finally acquiesced to the fact that the deficits projected by the Congressional Budget Office are more in line, saying that the deficits projected over the next 10 years will approach $9 trillion.  This would push the national debt to $20 trillion, which is nearly 50% more than the 2008 GDP of the entire United States (which was around $14.3 trillion).  Where's the money going to come from?  Also, is the the CBO right about the projected costs of the Health Care proposals? What is going to happen with auto sales now that the Cash for Clunkers program is over?
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