Congratulations to President Elect Hillary Clinton

Congratulations @HillaryClinton, you have become the 1st official female president of the United States.  In order to achieve this event, you had to beat a tremendous Democratic field of 3, including a (former Independent-Socialist) Bernie Sanders, and dry milk-toast candidate in O'Malley.  You used the power of the DNC to help make sure that the election was rigged against Senator Sanders, but also encourage the rise of the only Republican you had a better than coin flip chance of beating in Donald Trump according to the John Podesta emails leaked by Wikileaks. 

And congratulations to the Republicans, whose fascination in the xenophobic, misogynistic, loud-mouthed, charlatan of a reality TV star nominated the only candidate with a disapproval rating lower than Hillary Clinton's.  His ability to put his foot in his mouth makes him a viable spokesman for Dr. Scholl's.  His campaign rhetoric likely set the Republican Party back 40 years.  The upcoming war within the Republican Party will not be pretty.  Bravo, GOP electorate, Bravo!

Sigh.....if only 3rd party candidates had a legitimate chance to participate.



Government #shutdown - Day 1

Oh, the horror!  The humanity!  Early today, the government shutdown went into effect , bringing the whole world crashing down.  Everything that went wrong today must have been caused by the shutdown!  I shutter to see what exactly happened. 

The whole government probably did not report for work.  Chaos, anarchy!  Wait, what?  80% of the federal government actually reported to work today

I guess they must all be doing important things, like putting barricades around open air national monuments so people who usually can go to it unsupervised 24x7 cannot go to it when the government is closed? Or try to close bike routes used for bike commuting around DC?

Maybe we just need to shutdown perfectly functioning websites with a message that the government is closed

Or maybe, just maybe, this might be a manufactured crisis in order to push one side's or another's agenda with squabbling and petty disdain that the Legislative and Executive Branches have for the American people to receive the services taxes are paid on.  We have elected a politicians who are such ideologues on the left and right that they refuse to compromise/find middle ground because of the fear of a primary challenge from someone even more extreme in their party.  The political process is so broken right now that it may be time for a moderate third party, one who respects the rights and pocketbooks of the American people to sweep in and finally restore the government back to the people, as opposed to the special interests the left and right wings of the Republocrat party.


What would it take?

What would it take for me to vote for either Pres. Barack Obama or Gov. Mitt Romney?   Would you like a list?

  1. End the TSA (obvious if you read any of my tweets).
  2. End the PATRIOT Act - the abomination of our rights 
  3. End the war on drugs - at least start the decriminalization process.
  4. Stop using executive orders to bypass our "elected" Congress.
  5. Come up with a real solution to the entitlement problem that does not place an extreme burden on the next generation.
  6. Cut out the welfare for the military-industrial complex.
  7. Stop corporations, unions, and other special interest groups from having major influence in the writing of legislature.
  8. Allow citizens to exercise their free natural rights that are guaranteed under the Constitiution.
  9. Start realizing that you and the Congress are supposed to work for the people.

Simple list, but I can't see many "major party" politicians being able to even come close to offering any solutions to this.

That is why I continue to vote 3rd party whenever possible in elections.