Talking about a poor political weekend...

Looks like the President is having some issues that the media is finally focusing on this week.  

Benghazi hearing.  - Who said what when?

IRS targeting people that may have different politically different views than the president.

Today, the Justice Department was outed for secretly obtaining phone records of reporters and editors of the AP in 2012.  

Oops.  Not a good weekend for President Obama.  This should put to rest the thought that he would have the most "transparent administration in history."

Typical politician.   Just like the issues with:

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction - Bush 43
  • Impeachment for Perjury - Clinton
  • Read My Lips - No New Taxes - Bush 41
  • Iran-Contra - Reagan
  • Iranian Hostages - Carter
  • Nixon Pardon - Ford
  • Watergate - Nixon
  • Vietnam Escalation - Johnson
  • Bay of Pigs - Kennedy

When are people going to learn that politicians will lie and cheat right in your face?

What would it take?

What would it take for me to vote for either Pres. Barack Obama or Gov. Mitt Romney?   Would you like a list?

  1. End the TSA (obvious if you read any of my tweets).
  2. End the PATRIOT Act - the abomination of our rights 
  3. End the war on drugs - at least start the decriminalization process.
  4. Stop using executive orders to bypass our "elected" Congress.
  5. Come up with a real solution to the entitlement problem that does not place an extreme burden on the next generation.
  6. Cut out the welfare for the military-industrial complex.
  7. Stop corporations, unions, and other special interest groups from having major influence in the writing of legislature.
  8. Allow citizens to exercise their free natural rights that are guaranteed under the Constitiution.
  9. Start realizing that you and the Congress are supposed to work for the people.

Simple list, but I can't see many "major party" politicians being able to even come close to offering any solutions to this.

That is why I continue to vote 3rd party whenever possible in elections.