Explain to me..... (part 1)

Maybe I am just not savvy, but would someone explain to me....

...how is anyone surprised that Facebook has privacy issues when people freely give their information to Facebook? 

 ...how Republicans can blame anyone but themselves for a $1 trillion budget deficit when they control the House, Senate, and Presidency?

... how the party of Lincoln, Teddy, Ike, and Reagan became the party of Trump?

...how anyone is surprised that the Russians meddled in the 2016 elections after the Clinton State Department tried to do the same in Russia in 2012?  Did no one think Putin would want to pay the favor back?

...how such anti-science movements like “flat earth” even exist today?

....how people don’t automatically go to a fact checking site when seeing articles from non-standard news sites online? 

...why Hillary Clinton would every think of running again?    

...why anyone would think it would be a good idea to push an Oprah campaign when we see what we got with the last Tv personality? 

...how Amazon is supposedly causing the post office to lose money by paying the same bulk rate as other bulk shippers and cost taxpayers when The Postal Service receives NO tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations?

...how a trade war is good for America?

...what Trump learned at the Wharton School?

---if people really understand how long the US border with our neighbors really is?

...why people don't realize how the Constitution really works and that there are mechanisms to change it if needed?

...why I should not leave Facebook given my stance on privacy?


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Government #shutdown - Day 1

Oh, the horror!  The humanity!  Early today, the government shutdown went into effect , bringing the whole world crashing down.  Everything that went wrong today must have been caused by the shutdown!  I shutter to see what exactly happened. 

The whole government probably did not report for work.  Chaos, anarchy!  Wait, what?  80% of the federal government actually reported to work today

I guess they must all be doing important things, like putting barricades around open air national monuments so people who usually can go to it unsupervised 24x7 cannot go to it when the government is closed? Or try to close bike routes used for bike commuting around DC?

Maybe we just need to shutdown perfectly functioning websites with a message that the government is closed

Or maybe, just maybe, this might be a manufactured crisis in order to push one side's or another's agenda with squabbling and petty disdain that the Legislative and Executive Branches have for the American people to receive the services taxes are paid on.  We have elected a politicians who are such ideologues on the left and right that they refuse to compromise/find middle ground because of the fear of a primary challenge from someone even more extreme in their party.  The political process is so broken right now that it may be time for a moderate third party, one who respects the rights and pocketbooks of the American people to sweep in and finally restore the government back to the people, as opposed to the special interests the left and right wings of the Republocrat party.


Have we lost it?

As I write this, the date is September 11th.  The remembrances are occurring as I wake up this morning, just as the attacks occurred as I awoke 12 years ago. While sad for those affected by the attacks, let's remember that we are stopping to remember lest than 0.0001% of the American public who died that day.  

Because of this loss, we, as a country, have decided to go to war in 2 countries, trampled on the constitution (especially the 4th Amendment) with the TSA, VIPR, NSA spying on the American public, the increased pace of militarization of the police throughout the years, and the utter fear that people have allowed the government to instill in us (think how the citizens were told to "shelter in place" as the militarized police come and "rescued" them from their house). 

There is a fine line of remembering of what happened on 9/11 and allowing it to run our lives.  We have failed as a country to the latter, giving up freedom for security and rights for safety.  The terrorists of 9/11 may have won in different ways than what they thought they were trying to do by changing the American way of life for the worse. 

Random thoughts for a Friday night?

Some random thoughts that have come up while hanging around the house one Friday night:
  • With Justice Souter retiring, we get all sorts of names as possible replacements.  One name that I heard on TV tonight was former President Bill Clinton.  Wouldn't that be the judicial equivalent of putting John Dillinger in charge of the FDIC?
  • Though I doubt this will happen, will President Obama nominate someone who will interpret the Constitution primarily, and not try to be a legislator from the bench.
  • The White House has its own Twitter account @whitehouse.  Does this mean we can tweet the President with ideas to improve the country?  Or will it be spin doctoring in 140 characters or less?
  • Why does it feel we are not getting a full story with regards to the swine...(errrr, I mean the A/H1N1) flu?  We have the WHO saying that there are only about 330 confirmed cases, but they have raised the pandemic level to 5 (out of 6), and the attributed death toll by the WHO is low.  Something just does not seem to add up.
  • Which virus will end up getting more hype - Swine Flu or Conficker?
  • Why is Ashton Kutcher the top person followed on Twitter?  I thought he was just Demi Moore's boy toy husband.
  • Looking forward to seeing the new Star Trek movie.  Hope it turns out at good as the previews and hype seem to portray it.
  • Favorite conspiracy theory podcast - No Agenda.  Adam Curry is just full of them, with John C. Dvorak trying to rein him in.
  • Interesting new video podcast - Fox's Freedom Watch.  Online program with Judge Andrew Napolitano as the host.  Chock full of Libertarian-mined individuals, and free market economists.  The show brings up some scary instances of attacks on people's liberty in the name on security.
  • I love this time of year in Florida.  Not too hot, cool evenings, and lots of sun.  Perfect golfing weather.
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