...and the hurrah continues

The summer fun continues.  Alex continued to feel very poorly Thursday morning/early afternoon, and while Anthony, Josh, and I played on the beach, with their wave boards.  Too bad the waves were almost non-existant.  They just ended playing on the beach for a good deal of the time.  When we came back, I took Alex to the doctor (with Josh in tow), while Nicole and Anthony went back to the beach (pictures to follow).  When we came to the walk in clinic, Alex had a 102 degree fever, a flaired up ear infection, and maybe a case of the flu.  After antibiotics and fever reducers, Alex felt well enough to join the rest of us on the beach for the sunset (and some shell collection). Alex woke again a bit under the weather this am, but back to normal by lunchtime (with medicine).  We all headed to the beach for splashing, with Alex wanting to just sun herself, make sand castles, and take pictures.  After a while, Alex, Nicole, and Joshua headed back in, while Anthony and I swam a bit, hunted for shells.  Right after the 3 left, Anthony and I saw a ray jump out of the water 2 times about 20 yards away from us.  It was really cool.  We went out for dinner at a local seafood restaurant, and for homemade ice cream (in a pouring rain).  The evening finished with a little excitement from Alex again, as she lost her first tooth right before bedtime.  Tooth Fairy needs to come when she gets back home. Pictures will be posted soon on Facebook.
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