Sometimes busy means simplifying

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As you can tell from my post, I have not been on for a while.  Vacations and getting your kids ready for the first day of school will do that.  So how can you still have fun with crafting on such a busy schedule.  Buy items that are already partially done and make them look pretty.   

I love interactive cards, but it take time to research how to make them and lots of trial and error.  Close To My Heart came up with the perfect answer.  A great circle spin card where the circle is attached by thread on the card and can move around in circles.  All I have to do is add paper and stamp and I have a fun and cute card to give to someone special.  




The card was made using an 11 X 2 inch strip of paper and some of the strong red tape.  You can also use a glue gun for instant adhesive.  Once you cut the strip simply accordian fold the whole strip back and forth in really small folds.  Play around with a few strips to get the feel.  then simply put the adhesive on one end of the strip and attach the other.  Result will look like a cupcake holder.  Put strong adhesive on the card circle and fold down the cupcake holder to have it lie flat.  Add a pretty gem, brad, flower to the middle and you are done.  Here is the finished look with Sarita.  

Twist the circle before putting in the envelope and it will spin when the card is taken out.  

Twist the circle before putting in the envelope and it will spin when the card is taken out.  

Stamp your sentiment on the back and you have a fun card.  

Stamp your sentiment on the back and you have a fun card.  

Having fun with the Sarita Paper

I have always loved the look of graphic designs and bright colors.  They reflect who I am and give you plenty of inspiration to create.  Close To My Heart recently came out with a paper pack called "Sarita"  that has become my new go to paper.  I love the color combinations as well as all the different designs.  I am reminded of India and the different fabrics that have been coming out recently.  I have spent the last couple of weeks playing with this fun paper and wanted to share some of the fun and easy projects I have come up with.  This first card uses the paper along with some super cute stamp sets that are coming out in the new fall idea book.   Two of the stamp sets are hostess only sets.  Washi Wonder, page 6 of the new book and the cute Penguin set called Wintry Wishes on Page 7.  The arrows come from the new stamp set called One Way Border on page 27.  Stay tuned as I will be posting further projects with these three sets this week.  Bookmark Thanks for visiting.  



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What do you know I can get things done

So yesterday was a marathon day.  I had decided early on that the house needed my attention and that it was going to get my full focus.  What did I accomplish?  3 loads of laundry, swept the great room floor, dusted, made the bed.  Picked up odds and ends things and actually put them where they belonged and on top of all this, I even had the gumption to bake Pumpkin bread muffins and Banana bread.  Yummm  Even got it in mind to freeze some of the extra muffins.  I'm not quite sure where I got all the energy, but I am done today.  hahaa.  Now if the kids will cooperate, maybe I will get in the mood to do some crafting tonight.  I have a craft fair coming up in the next few weeks and I am anxious to use up some of my "I'm tired of papers because I have used them too much" on some items to sell.  Of course all proceeds will go towards more crafting supplies, wouldn't have it any other way...

Welcome to the real world

So I have started working part time as a music teacher and early morning provider for kids at a local preschool.  I love my job and am learning as I go, so I am spending extra time to make sure that everything goes well.  I now have all 3 kids in school which is terrific!  They all love it and all get homework and also participate in fun activities after school.  So you do all this, best of both worlds, working in the morning, taking care of kids in the afternoon.  But wait, what happened?  Where is the free time you thought you would get once they were older?  By the time they are in bed and everything is ready for the next day you are done, you are tired and there is no time left to do the things you had some time to do while baby was sleeping.  This leaves weekends.  You do have them, and if you can carve out a spot of 2 or 3 hours you can do it, actually have some time to do the fun things.  I have learned that it is fun to plan an occasional weekend outing with the family but that we all need the down time.  So today, I have told myself that I will spend time crafting.  Maybe the next free time will be finding time for myself to read.  But the time will be there.  The pictures of what I make will be the proof.....  Have a wonderful day and remember to find time for yourself.....