Random thoughts for a Friday night?

Some random thoughts that have come up while hanging around the house one Friday night:

  • With Justice Souter retiring, we get all sorts of names as possible replacements.  One name that I heard on TV tonight was former President Bill Clinton.  Wouldn't that be the judicial equivalent of putting John Dillinger in charge of the FDIC?

  • Though I doubt this will happen, will President Obama nominate someone who will interpret the Constitution primarily, and not try to be a legislator from the bench.

  • The White House has its own Twitter account @whitehouse.  Does this mean we can tweet the President with ideas to improve the country?  Or will it be spin doctoring in 140 characters or less?

  • Why does it feel we are not getting a full story with regards to the swine...(errrr, I mean the A/H1N1) flu?  We have the WHO saying that there are only about 330 confirmed cases, but they have raised the pandemic level to 5 (out of 6), and the attributed death toll by the WHO is low.  Something just does not seem to add up.

  • Which virus will end up getting more hype - Swine Flu or Conficker?

  • Why is Ashton Kutcher the top person followed on Twitter?  I thought he was just Demi Moore's boy toy husband.

  • Looking forward to seeing the new Star Trek movie.  Hope it turns out at good as the previews and hype seem to portray it.

  • Favorite conspiracy theory podcast - No Agenda.  Adam Curry is just full of them, with John C. Dvorak trying to rein him in.

  • Interesting new video podcast - Fox's Freedom Watch.  Online program with Judge Andrew Napolitano as the host.  Chock full of Libertarian-mined individuals, and free market economists.  The show brings up some scary instances of attacks on people's liberty in the name on security.

  • I love this time of year in Florida.  Not too hot, cool evenings, and lots of sun.  Perfect golfing weather.