Random Friday Night Thoughts

Here we go again...kids in bed...wife scrapbooking....idle mind....

  • Now that the White House has released a picture from last month's NYC flyby, do you think someone will teach them how to photoshop.  The picture has all sorts of possibilities.

  • Microsoft - it is okay to allow people to see the extensions that they have on their computer.

  • 2 interesting stories about botnets.  One is a research paper about gathering 70 GB worth of data from 180k machines in a 10 day period.  The other is from Brian Krebs' Security Fix blog in the Washington Post about a botnet that was being monitored when the command to kill the operating system on the victim machines was sent to 100,000 machines.  The people monitoring don't know why the command was sent.

  • Remember to patch your Adobe Acrobat next week.  I believe they have had their 3rd 0-day exploit of the year.  Foxit Reader looks pretty good right about now......I think Adobe might be leading in the 0-day race with Microsoft for the time being.

  • Bank Stress Tests - about what I expected.  Easy enough to have some pass, with others given a fairly easy route to add capital to their balance sheets.  I believe I had said earlier that the "worst" case was not that inconceivable....I wonder what will happen as the commercial real estate market continues to collapse, and the increased defaults on those credit cards that many people have.  If we hit 10% unemployment (fairly likely), the U6 underemployment number will likely be in the 17-18% range.  Not very promising for those companies.  I think people will get weaned off of the credit cards for a long time after this recession ends and a likely slow recovery takes over.

  • Today's unemployment numbers would have been far worse if the Federal government had not started hiring temporary workers for the 2010 census.