Live posting - Pres. Obama Health Care Congressional Speech

Thoughts about the health care speech.  Mind you, I am very cynical about all of this:

Hmmm...say what you want, President Bush was very punctual in starting these speeches.

815 - I see Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Pelosi have nearly the same pants suit...  :)

817 - Patting himself on the back for the economy avoiding collapse - doesn't he realize very few are hiring right now, and that is the problem.

818 - Are we back from the brink yet?  Economic numbers are cloudy.

819 - Okay, now onto health care. - Did Teddy R call for health care reform?

He says that we are at the breaking point.   Uninsured again?

Again, we are not a Democracy, but a Constitutional Republic.  Why do they lose their coverage, because they change or lose their jobs?

Ah...horror story time.  But he is right about the way certain people have been treated...but not everyone.

Rising costs are a real problem...but what is the fix?

Interesting that he brings up the taxpayer, which is who is going to pay for the eventual cost of a government option?

825 - Are we going to get specific now?

Partisan spectacle?  It is infighting between Democrats that has stalled the process, plus the uncertainty of the plans


More security for those who have

Insurance for those who don't

Control costs


1.  If you have health insurance, nothing will require a change of doctor you have....what you have...No denials for pre-existing condition.  Stop dropping coverage when you get sick, no caps per year or lifetime....Limit out of pocket expenses....Preventive care is an important part.

2. Health insurance for uninsured.  Insurance exchange - shopping for competitive prices.  Tax credits for those small businesses cannot afford, exchange in 4 years.  Low cost coverage for those sooner.  Those that choose to not have coverage (persons or businesses), individuals will be required to get health care....same with small businesses, 95% of small businesses can get exemption.

"Death panel" is a lie.

No insurance for illegal immigrants.

No federal funding of abortions.

Blaming Wall Street?????????

Non-for profit public option in the insurance exchange...ahhh...Public insurance option must be self-sufficient. do we pay for it?

No plans to adding to deficit.  Provision for spending cuts if the savings do not meet expectations.

How does he plan on reconciling with the CBO?

Independent commission in charge of looking for waste.

Wait - didn't we get senior drug coverage under the Bush administration?

Waste will pay for most of the expense - and then charge insurance companies for the rest?  Doesn't make sense.

Tort reform, with trials in different states?

900B in 10 years?  He think it will reduce the deficit by 4T in the long run?

Our deficit is still going to grow whether or not this happens.

Now back to fear tactics.