Political Slogans for the "Major" Party Candidates

Update 10.24/15 with latest dropouts and choices

Update 1/26/16 with current candidates

Update 2/1 with Iowa fallout

Update 2/4 with additional GOP drops

Update 2/10 with New Hampshire fallout

Update 2/12 with the Gilmore dropout

With a little more than a year to go to the general elections, maybe it is time to correct political nicknames or slogans?



  • Bernie Sanders  - "Feel the Money Bern" 
  • Hilary Clinton - "I did what to my mail server? "


Maybe Nots

  • Elizabeth Warren - "I'd rather be the puppet master" 
  • Joe  Biden - "3rd Time is a Charm"

See You Later

  • Jim Webb - "Thank me for my service, but I know I have no chance at the nomination"
  • Lincoln Chafee - " What party am I today?"
  • Lawrence Lessig - "The Referendum President?" 
  • Martin O'Malley - "Can I get a debate please @DWStweets?" "Mr. 0.6%" - Dropped 2/1



  • Donald Trump - "My tongue is sponsored by Dr. Scholl's"
  • Jeb Bush - "Need a Bush in the White House about every 8 years, right?"
  • Marco Rubio - "You have heard my immigrant's son story, right?"
  • John Kaisch - "Republicans can't win without Ohio.  I am from Ohio, pick me."
  • Ted Cruz - "Tea Party is still relevant, right?"
  • Ben Carson - "Proof that intelligences does not equal common sense"

See You Later

  • Rick Perry - "Adios, MoFos"
  • Scott Walker - "Come on Iowa, you know I am governor right next door.  Wisconsin isn't that bad, is it?"
  • Bobby Jindal - "Why do I sound like Kermit the Frog when I debate?" - Dropped Dec 2015
  • Lindsay Graham - "Bomb them, Bomb them, and Bomb them again" - Dropped Dec 2015
  • George Pataki - "Still making Rudy Giuliani look like a more viable candidate from New York" - Dropped Dec 2015
  • Mike Huckabee - "I too was born in Hope, Arkansas.  Worked once" - Dropped 2/1/16
  • Rand Paul - "Why do libertarians like my daddy more than me?" -Dropped 2/3/16
  • Rick Santorum - "I haven't changed positions since 2008...worked for me then, right?" - Dropped 2/3/16
  • Carly Fiorina - "Who wouldn't love this face, now sponsored by the Military Industrial Complex" - Dropped 2/10/16
  • Chris Christie - "I would have to think if Congress outlawed Krispy Kremes if I would enforce that law with troops" - Dropped 2/10/16
  • Jim Gilmore - "Must be in the witness protection program for Presidential candidates" - Dropped 2/12/16



  • Gary Johnson - "Can you take me higher?"
  • John McAfee - "I wrote antivirus program and I am crazy...might make me qualified."
  • Austin Peterson
  • 9 others that have no chance



  • Jill Stein