Why Donald Trump is unfit to be President

Now that the media created sensation Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) has continued to lead the Republican field after 2 primaries and 2 caucus, it is apparent that the media is not going to expose the candidate for the douchebag he truly is, maybe it is time for this to be chronicled.  It can be easily said that:

1.  Donald Trump is the classic schoolyard bully.  He is willing to repeat vulgar and insensitive things and say he was just repeating what he had heard.

2.  Donald Trump has no love for freedom of speech, unless it is his.  Will threaten individuals and file lawsuits to silence people.

3.  Donald Trump ran a scam school called Trump University.

4. Donald Trump has been very loose with the facts and statistics.

5. Donald Trump is nowhere as successful as he wants you to believe.  He is worth only about 30% of what he says he is.

6.  Donald Trump flips his position based on popular opinion at the time.  It is hard to see what his values are. 

7.  He acts like the presidency is an autocratic position acts as if he can do things that will not pass Congress. 

 I could go on, but there is only so much time I want to waste on him.   His presidency would be a "Yuuuuuge" disappointment/disaster for the country.  A xenophobic sounding, autocratic acting bully is not what this country needs. I would never vote for this guy (as I rarely vote for either major political party), but if he is the nominee...I may have to hold my nose and vote for the Democratic nominee.