Dear Democrats and Republicans,

Enough is enough.  It is time for the both of you to take a good look at yourself and your party and see the shambles you are making our country.  You both make a mockery of what used to make Americans the shining beacon on the hill though your tribalism and party before country attitudes that continue to divide Americans into different camps.


Republicans - You have forgotten the ideals of what the Republican party purported to be, rights and justice for all, belief in individual freedoms, and reduced government.  You have become the party of Trump, a political charlatan and Twitterer in Chief.  This President continues to act like an Internet troll by railing on anything and everything that does not bow down to his every whim.  There is a faction of the GOP that thinks Trumps "shit don't stink" and can't get their heads out of their collective nether regions.  Their sycophantic talking heads on TV is so full of bile, "what aboutisms," and lowest common denominator political screeds have heighten my senses to the truly idiocracy that the pundits on the right exhibit.

Democrats - You have abandoned what used to be the core of your party, the working lower to middle class.  You have exasperated the problem of identity politics and dismissed others that are not ideologically pure within your own party.  Your incessant whining about the election of 2016 and how "Hillary Clinton won the popular vote" is unbecoming, as we have a mechanism to elect the President called the Electoral College, which you are free to attempt to change through a Constitutional Amendment.  Unfortunately, Donald Trump is going to be President until 2020 unless he is otherwise removed from office via Constitutional process after articles of impeachment by a simple majority in the House and removal from office by 2/3 of the Senate after trial, in which the crimes of "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors".  People, that isn't going to happen in the next 2 years.

It is time for your parties to stop playing the blame game, the divisiveness, and the stubborn blindness to the extremes of your party, and the gerrymandering to make political incumbancy nearly a birthright.  We, as the American voter, expect you to come together for the good of the nation, act like rational people, and come up with solutions to solve our country's woes.  We expect no less from you, and will remember in November if you continue down your respective road of partisan politics that divides the country and fails to enhance what really makes America great. Act like you deserve our vote.