I tried to see soccer as...

..."the beautiful game," but to be honest, it is tough to see. While the games can be exciting, and the precision of many ball strikes, but there are many things that is hard to overlook.

1.  The insistence of calling it football.  I guess technically it is, but when it wa originally formed it was called association football to differentiate it from other "footballs" like rugby football and American football.  It is just another football sport, not THE football. 

2.  FIFA.  It is hilarious how inept/corrupt this organization is.  Where can we start?

- Qatar 2022.  Who the heck thinks it is a good idea to play soccer in the desert?  No infrastructure, no grass, lots of bribes from the oil money.

- Add in ingredients such as match fixing, player bribes, blind refs, biting, etc and get more drama than a WWE event.

3.  Flopping.  These players flop around the field worse thatpn a fish on a line. You are supposed to be men.  Don't fake an injury on the slightest touch. 


Socce...can't love you.  But I can watch with some enjoyment...kinda like hockey.