School's almost back in

Well, it is almost time for the kids to start another school year.  My, how time has flown by.  It seems like they just got out of school, but it is now time to go back.  With trips to the Domincan Republic and Indiana (along with Anthony's trip to DC), the summer has just flown by.  Anthony is excited to start 6th grade, and was able to meet his teachers for the most part (except for the schedule change that has already occurred).  Changing classrooms will not be a major issue for him.


Alex was able to meet her teacher today.  She was so excited to both meet her, and to see all of her "friends" today.  She is so ready for Monday to come where she gets to be on her own for a while. 


Josh still has 2 weeks before his preschool starts, and meets his teachers on September 2nd.  Even though he turns 5 on Sunday and is smart as a whip, he still needs to learn much before ready for school.  Probably just means that he will be ahead when he starts Kindergarten next year.